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Du sens du regard

Autrui pense souvent que l'on regarde dans une direction similaire. Ceci est en partie vrai.

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Matter of Truth

There is no beginning nor end. The Duality states that the process of creation is a "response to" (the number two) which origin is the number two and not the number one which in fact has no meaning nor true existence.

The number one can be concieved but if it is concieved it is from something. So the number two. The latin sentence "Ex nihilo nihil" can be another idea of the same field.

Trying to find a final response, a final end is a total illusion. The eternity of the Duality is thus in the accurate truth.

The Duality is even more in the truth as following the Duality is to be in the Duality and not following (for whatever reason) it is the number two thus it still is the Duality.

 Light is the Duality. It can make things be seen if reflected and it can make blind if seen directly. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN GO OUT THE DUALITY.

 The Duality is also a true source of true redifination and even cancellation of the idea of peace as teh Duality is an eternal process and peace is a status and as there are no and never true statues the idea of peace wouldn't exist any longer. Motion is more accurate.

About going out the Duality still is the Duality as it still is the number two.

The Duality is Originate and all other numbers can exist (three, four ... and even non standard ones through non euclidian fractal geometry / mathematics) from it.

The Duality is Time / Space and reaches a Trinity with matter.

the *process* of understanding is a *process* thus is Dual.

To go to the very source of things before the hellenic olympian gods (before Ouranos and Gaia) there was the Chaos which has a flavor of originate *multiplicity*.

The numbe one is for fools and dummies.

Believing in the number one is for the unborn.

 You can *neve and nowhere* see the number *one* and if you see it it is because you exist to concieve it so the number *two*.

Some existentalsim phislosophy states that the Universe exist through our eyes only because we can see / concieve it. So the number *two*. Thus the Duality.

Think about it in 1 billion years it still will be valid.

 If you think about it or about something else you engage a Dual process.

The process of thinking is Dual as there is a source and a direction so the number *two*. A mathematicals / geometric vector also.

Not a singular point which has no existence appart from its geometric environment so the number *two* the point and everything else that can make it exist (slight flavor of epistemology).

Avoiding the Duality is engaging a direction thus a vector still is a Duality ...

The Universe has never been more complex than today and its complexity will increase. Therefore we are in the (sociologic) era of complexity which can be linked with the originate multiplicity of the hellenic Chaos.

 Same with atoms. There was first hydrogen and now the periodic table of elements of Mendeleev has nearly three hundred atoms with artificially created ones (plutonium among some others).

Geopolitics : before 1989 (fall of Berlin wall and communism) there were two major powers : eastern and western. Nowadays despite the globalized liberal economic system spreading things are more complex with some additionnal regions such as India and South America (Brazil ...) emerging. => complexity

The fact of saying the number *one* : *one* makes a sonic wave of a certain wavelength and a certain duration (even if it is very small) so expressing the number *one* is a matter of time. So the number *two* and even the *infinity* as it is a continuous and not discrete matter (mathematic / geometric representation of time and of a sound wave). This wave can also be seen in cognitive science with the neuronal waves that make the concept of *one* to exist. There are NO NOWHERE AND NEVER number *ones*.

Total deconstruction of the number *one* (Jacques Derrida deconstruction prepared by Heidegger inspiration).

You will no longer find the number *one* from now. Terminated.

Peace has to do with unity. As unity is the number one so *unity* doesn't exist. Therefore nor peace.

 zero and one are the most basic elements of binary mathematics (discrete). We are still in the Duality. An inch is infinity as it it is coumponded by an infinite (continous environment) subdivisions of itself. The number *one* is a lie a mistake an error. Therefore unity therefore unifying therefore peace.

 Positivism is a lie. Double positivism is a greater lie. In term of human life there is always somehow a suffering period. The - which response for life is the +. Not the -. So no -/-. Furthermore +/+ and -/- are totalitarian whereas Duality / Liberty ...

-/- is extreme darkness. +/+ is extreme brightness that makes blind such as Wotan (germanic supreme God) who had one eye blind by looking the source of total knowledge. By some sign of maturity he closed one eye to keep it. A functionnal one.

Dualty / Maturity

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Wagner à propos de Schopenhauer. Interprétation et inspiration.

Wagner à propos de Schopenhauer.pdf

Extrait introductif du document ci dessus :

"Le son, le cri est une œuvre de la Volonté. C’est une manifestation de création expressive exprimable en étant éveillé, c'est-à-dire dans le monde ‘en acte’. La production expressive visuelle en terme d’image ne semble être possible que dans les imageries mentales pendant le rêve, le sommeil paradoxal. Le « cinéma visuel » ne peut être produit qu’en rêve. Nous ne pouvons projeter d’images, créer des images fixes ou cinématographiques en état de veille. La création visuelle autodéterminée par sa seule volonté n’est possible que dans le monde ‘en puissance’."

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